Freshly painted MGB GT engine, don’t make it dirty


I’m just finishing up installing most of the auxiliary bits on my newly painted MGB GT engine and it’s looking really nice. My hope is to have the work finished in the next week or so that the engine is sealed against the elements until I install it in a few months. A note here before someone comments; yes, some of these parts will be removed before final installation!

Eagle eyed purist are going to notice that this engine isn’t stock for a 1967 MGB GT. So right you are! This is a 1972 18V block with a modern hi-torque started, a double row timing chain and a Moss Motors oil filter adapter. All that’s been used from the original 1967 18GB engine is the crankshaft and the tappet covers. So much for originality.

Here’s what’s bugging me however! Wouldn’t this nicely painted gem make a really nice coffee table base? The MGB engine is a cool piece of automotive history and I don’t even want to add oil to this as it might leak.

Freshly painted MGB GT engine
Freshly painted MGB GT engine

Perhaps my old 1967 MGB engine can become a coffee table, my wife would love it in the living room! Maybe I should clean it better first!

Future MGB GT engine coffee table base?
Future MGB GT engine coffee table base?




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