I thought I was there, the MGB GT ready for the road, ready for summer. There are still lots of little items to take care of but she was ready for a shakedown run.

I went out and purchased new license plates (plated for the first time in 10 years), got insurance and figured a few hours and off we go into the sunset.

The alternator system is working great and everything sounds good. Watch the short video below. Then…. kaboom, loud knocking and all hell breaks loose, second video below. What the hell has happened? I’ve posted the video to a great MGB forum and hopefully the easy fix is the problem, a broken pushrod, maybe tappet, something along that line. Bad news? I don’t want to think about that yet, someone has brought up bearings. As the engine only has 35,000 miles on it hopefully this won’t be anything serious.



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