This totally cool Corgi die-cast 1:43 scale model of an MGB GT came out at some point in the 60’s. Features on this lovely Corgi MGB GT model car include opening doors, opening tailgate, tip up seats, plated fittings, jewelled headlights, wire wheels (not enough spokes but let’s not get picky!) and spring suspension. This is almost as good as the real thing and it likely runs almost as often. Even the gaps on the doors is pretty accurate, or not accurate as you might decide. No Lucas stuff to worry about. No SU fuel pump either!!! What’s not to love? Regrettably it doesn’t come with the signature pretty British gal hanging over the boot or lounging on the bonnet but these cars were inexpensive for a reason.

Unfortunately for me it comes in red and my MGB GT is sandy beige. A little ugly Photoshop work and we have something resembling my full size car. I need one of these! I might add a British gal later but that’s another story.

Gorgi MGB GT 1950's 1:43 model
Gorgi MGB GT 1950’s 1:43 model
Gorgi MGB GT beige Photoshop repaint, my car!
Gorgi MGB GT beige Photoshop repaint, my car!


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