Hanging out under the MGB


Some day a few jobs will get finished. Unfortunately my neighbour has a Chevrolet hot rod stranded on his car life getting a transmission transplant so my MGB GT is still sitting about 6 inches off the ground. Using jack stands I can manage to get it high enough that I can slither underneath but it sure isn’t comfortable.

MGB GT not on a lift
MGB GT not on a lift

There are only a few small jobs to finish before I can take the MG on a test drive but they are testing my patience. The first job is to bleed the clutch. I bought a vacuum bleeder from Harbor Freight that works well but I just can’t get all the air out of the line. This might be a 2 person job. The brakes are almost finished but with the limited amount of space I have to work in I haven’t managed to thread the rear brake line to the rear brakes. It can’t be that hard! Of course, the brakes will also have to be bled which will likely take longer than it should. A third job that again is giving me a hard time is permanently attaching the exhaust system to the exhaust manifold. In the tight area it’s very difficult to attach all 6 studs without decent access.

The MGB will be finished today… It will be finished today… It will be finished today… at least these small jobs. At that point test drives will be possible.

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