Harbor Freight Abrasive Blast Cabinet


    I’ve been thinking of buying the Harbor Freight Abrasive Blast Cabinet for a few months now but living up in the Canadian Arctic (it feels that way anyway) it isn’t as easy as it seems as shipping the unit up to Canada is outrageously expensive and UPS loves to add brokerage fees. Prices can easily double by the time your item arrives.

    But, I’ll be in Washington for Christmas so guess what, I pulled the plug. A few weeks ago the cabinet was $200 but a few days ago they just lowered it to $168.99. Harbor Freight then put up a coupon for 25% off so I ended up buying the cabinet for $126.74. Even with shipping and tax it’s coming in at less than $150.00. Up here in Canada a local store like Harbor Freight has the same cabinet that with tax would be about $600. Why do we get screwed up here in Oh Canada land? I like to purchase products in Canada but this is so typical of what we have to pay to live in the frozen North.

    My MGB will be very happy with this purchase (my wife would tell me that MG’s can’t be happy!). Now I can properly media blast all the suspension pieces, engine pieces, heck anything that I feel like. I might even repaint some of our old lawn furniture that is a little rusty.

    The Harbor Freight Abrasive Blast Cabinet isn’t high end but there are some good videos about modifying the unit to get better results. I’ll post links to them later.

    What more could you ask for. My MGB GT will have a new aluminum valve cover and properly stripped and repainted parts. Can’t wait to get to work.

    Harbor Freight Media Blasting Cabinet
    Harbor Freight Media Blasting Cabinet


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