Head detached horseperson sign turned up outside


I live out in farm country and like many rural areas many of my neighbours have horses. Personally I’m not a big fan of horses. They cost way too much and are big and scary. Anyway, why would you buy one horse with one horsepower for some crazy amount of money when you can buy 500 horsepower for not much more if you buy some cool car?

I started thinking about this tonight when I noticed a new sign that the local municipality put on the road in front of my house. There was an old sign there for years and I honestly don’t remember what it looked like. It showed a horse and rider so that you knew that you were in horse country. Very easy and simple.

This new sign is totally bizarre. It shows a horse and a rider but the riders head is not attached to the body. This is weird! Does this mean that horse folks are totally disconnected? I don’t know. I’ll likely start paying attention to other horse riding signs everywhere I travel from now on. Looking at Google images I see that many of the signs have the same disconnect.

Strange horse and rider sign
Strange horse and rider sign

I would prefer this in my front yard. This is a real horse rider with his head attached. I live in cowboy (cowperson) country, let’s celebrate it.

Horse riding sign
Horse riding sign


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