Hot girl washing an MGB GT


I’ve walked down to my barn a few times in the past week and keep on thinking that the MGB GT needs a good wash. It’s not that the car is overly dirty or anything but it does have a small amount of abrasive dirt on it. I guess in many ways this doesn’t really matter but I would like to get my car cover on the MG and can’t see grit and car covers getting along very well. Another factor here, it’s damn cold and raining almost every day, if I wash the car it might never dry out and knowing MG’s the rust might take over before spring.

This photo cheered me up a little. Perhaps if I drive the MGB to Arizona I could have this gal wash it for me. One problem, I’m not sure if the car would make it in its’ present form. Another, she’s likely in her 70’s now and may not be quite as willing.

Hot girl washing MGB GT
Hot girl washing MGB GT


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