As I’m plugging away at my fathers old MGB GT I keep on thinking about “how far do you go?” The coolest thing about this MG is that my father bought it new and spent much of his life puttering with it and in his later years starting to bring the old 67 MGB back to life. This MGB GT has had a wonderful existence having being in California for about half of its life and on the west coast of Canada for the past 25 years.

Here I am looking at restoring this lovely car. Most of what’s here is original and surprisingly clean for an MGB of 48 years of age. I’m looking at the original chrome, slightly pitted after 48 years. Should I re-chrome, just polish it or replace it?

MGB GT chrome with pitting
MGB GT chrome with pitting

This is a good example. If you click on the photo you’ll get a larger image, small pitting in the chrome, nothing really bad but… I could buy a new MGB GT logo from Moss Motors that would be very new, very clean and hopefully the same quality or perhaps maybe better but… that wouldn’t be my fathers MGB GT. According to my neighbor, saturating this chrome with CocaCola will at least neutralize the deterioration and that sounds like a good compromise. If I want an absolutely amazingly restored MGB buy it form someone else. I keep thinking that this has more history than that.


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