How to pack 10 wives in a Mini, what a blast from the past. I owned a Mini (actually 2 of them) back in about 1980 when I first moved to Canada. The car was a chick magnet, no doubt about it. It also ran most of the time although the second car was there for parts. Regardless, the most people I ever managed to cram into my Mini was five, with backpacks, on a trip up to Banff for the weekend. I remember stashing my sleeping bag in the trunk and having the cover melted by the trunk light, that’s how tight it was.

So, ten wives in a Mini? Firstly, why would anyone want ten wives? I understand that in some parts of the world this is totally cool but where we live I don’t think it’s acceptable behavior. Secondly, isn’t one wife enough of when you own too many cars, boats, 5th wheel, especially an MGB that requires lots of patience and love?

I kinda think these are all the same wife dressed in the psychedelic clothing of the era. They are hanging out over a map of Southern France, Nice, Monaco, all the good spots. Sure got my attention, what’s scary is some of these dress styles are once again hot today. My choice? I’m in love with the gal just to the right of the Mini in the green dress, one’s enough for me.

Where did this image come from? I have no idea, the internet.

How to pack 10 wives in a Mini
How to pack 10 wives in a Mini



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