We haven’t run a lingerie image for a while so better get on with it. What’s better than a lingerie girl with a gun selling cocaine? Is this for real?

Amazingly, in the 1970’s and earlier there were many ads for cocaine in normal everyday magazines. This was definitely before the US war on drugs began to happen, President Nixon was only beginning to solve our problems.

What’s cool about the cocaine here is that “It’s safe for you, your baby and your Lady”. This is not your cheap inferior product! Yeah baby, sign me up!

I’m not sure why the handgun is next to this gals head. I guess it adds to the sexy excitement of the moment, maybe you had to be there. I do like her blue panties and bra though, the Blue Lady might just get me hooked on the evil drug.

Ah, if I could only remember the 70’s; maybe I was there! Maybe I met the Blue Lady.


The Blue Lady - Sexy lingerie girl cocaine ad
The Blue Lady – Sexy lingerie girl cocaine ad



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