I’ve been spending some time on a great MG web site MGEXP.com and have noticed that many of the MG’s have names. Names like “Ruby”, “Ms. Betty”, “Freebie” and “Rusty”.

I’m not aware of any names that my father had for this car, at least nothing that I can publish on this site. Boats have names so why not cars? My boat is called Shooting Star, a reference to my fathers profession as an astrophysicist, my late father in laws recreational hunting history and my own professional photographer status. Kind of makes sense? Here’s a photo of my old boat, built in 1956 and older than the old MG.

What do you think, maybe a name for the 1967 MGB GT would be good.

My old boat "Shooting Star" in the San Juan Islands, Washington
My old boat “Shooting Star” in the San Juan Islands, Washington


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