This is the car that I’ve wanted since I was a little kid. Will I ever get a Lotus Europa? That’s hard to say. If my lovely wife has a say in the matter it would be a big NO. But, it’s on my bucket list and hopefully will happen some time in the next few years when I could actually enjoy the car before I’m too old to drive this fantastic automobile.

You could help me here. Do you own a Lotus Europa that needs a good home? I promise to take care of it and even drive it like it was designed to be used. I’ll even spend the time to restore the Lotus and make sure that these cars continue to be the fantastic vehicles they are. Let’s keep the Lotus Europa’s in circulation, there aren’t many left. If you own a Lotus Europa that you want to be cherished and taken care of please let me know.

Lotus Europa Twin Cam
Lotus Europa Twin Cam



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