Is the MGB GT small or is the John Deere lawn tractor big?


I shot this photo when I drove my 67 MGB GT down to the barn for its winter sleep. Parked next to my 2009 Ford F150 I always thought the MGB looked small but I was somewhat amused looking at this scene. The MGB is larger than my John Deere lawn tractor but not by much. I’m thinking that you could even swap the rear wheels, look how much wider the John Deere tires are? Not sure if the tires would hold up, speed could be the issue, I think the John Deere might max out a perhaps 8km hour.

What’s interesting is they both cost around $3,000 new, 45 years apart!

MGB GT and John Deere lawn tractor
MGB GT and John Deere lawn tractor


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