Is your MGB GT back on the road yet?


I’ve been asked numerous times the past few months whether my 1967 MGB GT is finally finished and on the road again. The short answer is no… not yet.

There have been a few distractions this past year and not being a VW sort of guy this wasn’t one of them. I could have been excused for that!

VW Van babe
VW Van babe

The Lotus Europa was the biggest distraction to arrive in my life this fall at the beginning of October. A few good things about this. I’ve always wanted a Lotus Europa and felt that if I didn’t buy one soon I might never own a Lotus and, the Europa runs well and doesn’t require a restoration at this stage. A soft restoration will happen at some point but in the meantime I’ve been using the car as my daily driver.

This Europa hadn’t been driven much since perhaps 2001 and required a thorough check up to make sure that it wouldn’t burst into flames and might stop when requested. And it needed a polish, new fuel lines, a clean engine, more cleaning and… guess what? Here it is at the beginning of January and the poor MGB GT is still in the barn and my basement. Now the good news… my Europa is parked in my garage for at least 3 months with storage insurance only.

1970 Lotus Europa S2
1970 Lotus Europa S2
Lotus Europa S2 interior
Lotus Europa S2 interior

Here’s the plan. I’m getting excited about putting my MGB back together. Unfortunately this time of year is damp, dreary and basically not very nice for working in an unheated barn with tools. I’ll be spending time this winter preparing parts and assemblies for both sports cars with the idea of reassembly of the MGB starting around April. A few weeks should finish it. Once the MG is on the road it will become my daily driver. At that point I’ll start a soft restoration on the Lotus Europa.

Don’t hold me to any of this… It’s not a New Years Resolution!

MGB GT engine bay
MGB GT engine bay, looking pretty
MGB GT front suspension
MGB GT front suspension, ready for installation


  1. Dream restauration. Perfect. Only drive by sun shine or put it on shelf in bed room. You have a cute mechanic helping you to restore. Tom


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