I’m not sure why I’ve been putting this off but the time has come… restore the dreaded Lucas distributor from my MGB GT. I actually have two of these and will do both, the original one from the 1967 engine and the later one from the 1972 engine.

There’s nothing particularly complicated about these antique electrical current distribution systems but I’m sure something will come up to make the restoration job interesting. Of course the first thing to do is take them apart.

Lucas 25D distributor
Lucas 25D4 distributor

This Luca distributor still works fine but I’ll give it good cleaning and lubricate it.

Dismantling the Lucas 25D distributor
Dismantling the Lucas 25D4 distributor

There aren’t very many pieces to deal with on the inside.

Lucas distributors are actually simple
Lucas distributors are actually simple

The next step will be to strip the bodies completely. A little PB Blaster might be in order, especially on the 1972 distributor which is very stiff.

MGB distributors
MGB distributors



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