Do you remember MG Mitten back in the 70’s? They were based locally for us in Pasadena, California and were credited with producing some of the first high quality car covers for sports cars. Among other items they sold were racing suits, shift knobs and other cool sports car stuff.

My father bought something from MG Mitten for his 1967 MGB GT on September 28, 1974 although I haven’t been able to confirm the AMCO number so far. Perhaps this is the wood steering wheel? I’ll have to keep looking for this one as the only other possibility is the wooden shift knob but there is no way that was $67.

MG Mitten car covers, Pasadena, California
MG Mitten car covers, Pasadena, California
MG Mitten 1974
MG Mitten 1974


  1. Definitely good times! I still use the original MG Mitten cover that my dad bought 53 years ago. It does have a few repairs now but I’ll likely get another 20 years out of it if I’m careful.

  2. worked for Marion in the 70s and 80s at both the Chester HW and the store on Colorado man those were good times too bad it;s gone times have changed….Jamie Laffey

  3. I knew the owners very well, Charlie and Marian Weber, sweet wonderful people. Charlie taught me hand engraving as he was one on the best in the world. He had a MG, a Porsche 911 and Rolls Royce.


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