MGB GT 6,000 mile service


The MG’s 6,000 mile service was done at Peter Satori Co in Pasadena on November 20, 1968. Actual mileage at the time was 6,134.

Basic service included a brake fluid top up at $1.10, 4 new spark plugs at $4.68 and a new oil filter for $2.00. Additional services included changing the transmission oil $4.50 and chassis lubrication at $2.50.

My father asked for the clutch to be checked, to correct the exhaust brackets, check for wheel shimmering and to correct the R/F window regulator, whatever that means. Peter Satori balanced the 2 front wheels for $6.00.

Overall the service came to $22.00 mechanical labor, $4.50 lube labor, mechanical parts $7.78, Oil and grease $3.75 and $.39 tax for a total of $38.42. This cars getting expensive!

MGB GT 6,000 mile service at Peter Satori
MGB GT 6,000 mile service at Peter Satori


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