It only took about 37,000 miles before a clutch or brake cylinder leak started dumping fluid into the left footwell. Not good but the folks at Peter Satori fixed the issue on June 19, 1974. The MG is 6 years old at this point with relatively few problems but it is British!

Both clutch and brake master cylinders were honed and a rebuild kit was installed. The total for parts was $12.76 with $60.75 for labour. I’ll have to find out what the hourly labour charge at this time was but so far none of the bills shows this information.

Total price including tax was $74.28 and the MGB GT is back on the road again.

MGB GT clutch and brake master cylinder rebuild
MGB GT clutch and brake master cylinder rebuild


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  1. My old BMW 2002 was the same. I’m always amazed how dependable my 2007 Subaru Forester (110,000 miles) and 2009 Ford F150 (70,000 miles) are but at the same time there’s a lot of work that I wouldn’t even think of performing on them.

  2. Years ago, most used MGs I bought came with a big folder of repair or parts receipts, and also with several repair manuals. Used Japanese cars always had a smaller accumulation of this stuff with them.


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