MGB – The Movie


Forget Star Wars, everybody has seen it and it’s not reality. Nothing on TV? Have I got a deal for you.

What do do instead? Grab a beer, a bucket of popcorn and save yourself $50.00. Check out this awesome movie, The MGB Movie. What a title. The best part? it’s FREE and your wife will love it more than watching the latest Survivor rubbish!

I have no idea when this movie was produced but it’s very informative and has some fantastic old footage. This is a totally rad archival movie from before rad was even a word. Can’t get more cool than that!

My favourite part? It has to be the TV ad of the cool guy jumping out of an airplane and parachuting down to his gal spread out on the boot of an MGB roadster. No kidding, around the 35 minute mark.


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