My 1967 MGB GT moves to a new home


For the past 3 years my MGB GT has been living down in my barn. While the barn is a great man cave it also has big problems like no heat, very little power, bad lighting and is generally a not very nice place to be for about 5 months a year. Here’s a photo from 2 years ago.

MGB GT in my barn
MGB GT in my barn

That was all solved recently when I emptied out my woodworking shop and created a 2 car garage. It’s still not a huge space to work but I have managed to squeeze both my Lotus Europa and the MGB GT into the space with room for tools and other goodies.

Of course. I did have to install the front suspension to move the MGB up the property. I’ll get to details of that later.

In the meantime, the MGB is now located in an area where I might actually get it running again. Something to look forward to this spring.

Towing an engineless MGB
Towing an engineless MGB
MGB looking forward to a new home
MGB looking forward to a new home
MGB GT and Lotus Europa
MGB GT and Lotus Europa


  1. Ha haha! “Distracted”. I bought a Europa that was ‘all finished and needs nothing’ and three years later, it’s almost actually true. The seller may have exaggerated and if he were Pinocchio he maybe also could have impersonated a circus tent main pole with his nose.
    Having two British cars is a bit much, but I have three.
    If your attitude is right and you comprehend the Lotus design mentality you will enjoy the Europa. It’s a good honest to goodness sports car with no pretense. They’re good machines when sorted. I still have a soft spot for MGB GT- they’re beautiful inside and out and have a hatch. Win!

    The MGB GT front suspension looks down right beefy compared to the Europa.

    • My Lotus has been overall fantastic so far. I drove it about 5,000 miles this year with a few small issues but so far nothing serious. I’m presently redoing the interior in leather.

      It will be interesting to have both cars on the road again. I expect I’ll find the MGB to be more of a daily driver and the Lotus will become more of my “driving” car.

      Yeah, the difference between the front suspension is amazing. I think the MGB would hold up better hitting curbs!

  2. The heading of your posting made me think you had sold your MGB. Glad you are still keeping it and proceeding with the refurbishing. I wish you well on the project, and I hope it’s back on the road for spring.

    • Hi Don,
      Not selling it at this point although my wife would love that. I got a little distracted when I bought the Lotus but I’m really keen on getting the MG running. Looking forward to it as it’s a bit more civilized than my Europa.


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