It’s always fun to see something that brings back memories and this BAT Auction has certainly done that for me. This Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback is pretty much identical to the first car I ever owned. At the time in about 1979 I bought mine used for about $1,000 and it came with an ultra cool chromed chain link steering wheel. I bought it from a Mexican dude and I guess this was pretty cool but it sure was uncomfortable. That steering wheel didn’t last long.

I owned that car for many years, had the engine rebuilt and had many breakdowns along the way. I also never rear ended a Pinto. Between the front fuel tank in this car and the rear end of exploding Pintos one could have quite the explosion!

For an improvement? I bought a ratty old Mini 1000. Those were the days.

The current bid is at $6,500 with days to go. Maybe these are beginning to bring decent money. You can bid on this car at BAT Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback

UPDATE: Bidding is now at $10,000 with about 2 1/2 hours to go. If you want this cool car now is the time.

UPDATE 2: This baby just sold for $16,500. You could have bought a Porsche for that sort of money a few years back!

My first car - the Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback
My first car – the Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback
Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback fuel tank
Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback fuel tank


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