This is something I wasn’t planning on but I came across what looks like a very clean 4synchro gearbox locally. Check it out below after I gave it a 45 minute spa treatment.

MGB GT 4-synchro gearbox
MGB GT 4-synchro gearbox

Certainly the old gearbox had character but from what I’ve been reading these more modern gearboxes are far more robust and slipping into first gear won’t be quite the challenge. The bad side of all this is that my MGB GT will be easier to steal although most young hooligans these days can’t drive a standard anyway.

It looks like the only major modification needed will be to the stick shift housing so I’m thinking I’ll make a quick mold and do a new one in fiberglass. Maybe there will be a market for the piece that I’m going to produce.

I’m really excited about this, met a cool guy up in Nanaimo and have lots of other parts to put towards my project. As usual I’ll keep all of the original parts so that my 1967 MGB GT can be returned to original specs when it’s worth $150,000 and won’t be driven anymore. Gotta keep the original folks happy!

Lots of cool MGB workshop manuals, MG parts, what more do you want? Thanks John.

MGB workshop manuals
MGB workshop manuals


  1. Hi Kent,
    I used Gunk engine cleaner first, sprayed it on and let it soak for about 5 minutes. At this point I used a brush to swirl it in and a smaller toothbrush in corners. My cheapo pressure washer did the rest, just made sure not to spray the gasket areas hard as I’ve heard it might be possible to get water in the transmission. The final wipe down was done with window cleaner and rags.

    Unfortunately I don’t have before photos but it wasn’t as bad as my previous transmission in these photos. This took a few hours.

  2. Could you share the process ,by which you got that tranny so clean in 45 minutrs? How dirty was it to begin with?

    I have 5-6 trannies I need to clean so I’d be all ears.

    Kent C.

  3. Don, a question. More precise to shift… to me that is good. Much difference can you explain a little more? I love precise gearboxes.

  4. Hey Don,

    I think you’re probably right about the more fun to shift comment. More difficult to shift equals more fun, I’ve always prided myself on my ability to double shift and shift without a clutch. I do like very precise gearboxes, my long gone 1987 Maxda RX7 being my favourite.

    I’m going to measure everything up and see what might work. As always, everything I’m doing can be reversed. The main thing right now is to get back on the road!

  5. A ’67 MGB that I owned for awhile, and is gone now, had a transplanted 4-synchro overdrive gearbox. The former owner had bashed or somehow expanded the transmission tunnel wider, and that made the floors buckle. Not a pretty installation. I have since read that the later gearbox will fit without modifying the tunnel, but you may have to put spacers to move the crossmember down slightly.
    My experience with MGBs, is that the early gearboxes are much more precise and fun to shift. If yours is not damaged, I would use it, and maybe keep your eyes open for an early gearbox with overdrive.


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