New fuses and relays for the MGB


Since winter has come I’ve decided to upgrade the fuse box in my MGB GT. The original car had a total of 2 fuses, not what you will see on any modern car. When one of these fuses blew the other day while driving I lost almost all of my systems. At least when the lights went out I wasn’t driving at night.

Original MGB GT fuse block
Original MGB GT fuse block

The bulk of the new wiring will be from the firewall forward. I purchased the fuse and relay boxes from Amazon. They both will work well but I wish the box with the relays were a little sturdier.

Fuse and Relay boxes MGB
New Fuse and Relay boxes for the MGB

I machined an aluminum plate to mount the fuse blocks on. This will be bolted to the area where the voltage stabilizer used to reside.

Aluminum plate for MGB fuse boxes
Aluminum plate for MGB fuse boxes

The installation went smoothly and hopefully be working on one area of the wiring loom at a time I’ll be able to keep most of the circuits functioning properly. It’s all a little intimidating but should be worth the effort once it’s finished.

New fuse and relays for the MGB
New fuse and relays installed in the MGB GT engine compartment



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