It’s hard to imaging an MG MGB being a pace car on one of the worlds fastest race tracks. But, in 1979, the MG MGB was the official pace car at the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. The schedule played host to the Indy Car series and NASCAR on the high banked oval as well as the IMSA Endurance Series which was pretty awesome at the time with Porsche 934’s and the like ripping around the road course.

Hopefully they upped the horsepower a little as the stock US speck MG MGB Roadster at the time had something like 62 with a top speed of 91 mph. Maybe they used a pre-smog setup? The Indy Car boys were likely hitting 200 plus easily, hard to imaging them even under cautions staying behind the MG. The NASCAR rednecks, it must have been very weird to follow a small toy around the huge track. I guess this lasted only the one year.

Pocono Raceway Pace Car - MG MGB 1979
Pocono Raceway Pace Car – MG MGB 1979
Howard Meister Porsche 934, behind an MG?
Howard Meister Porsche 934, behind an MG?
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