There’s a serious lack of car racing going on in the world due to the crazy Covid-19 virus that has shut down most sports. I was really looking forward to the opening Formula 1 race in Australia. Same for the IndyCar race in Florida and the WEC races. Hell, even if you watch that goofy NASCAR stuff you’ve lost your racing fix for at least a few months.

Cheer up folks. Porsche has brought us a beautifully done documentary about the 2019 GT team running at back to back 24 hour races at the Nürburgring and Le Mans. Sit back, turn up the sound and smile. Make sure you switch to 1080P as YouTube appears to be serving up lower bandwidth by default in today’s “stay at home” situation.

Here’s Porsche’s blurb about the video:

In 2019, the world of motorsports saw something it had rarely seen before; the two toughest endurance events in motor racing took place back-to-back: the 24h of Le Mans and the 24h of the Nürburgring. ENDURANCE is the story of the Porsche GT Team that took on this double challenge.


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