Re-wrapping an MGB wiring harness


I haven’t been able to work on my MGB GT for a few months now due to bad weather and work but at least this has given me the opportunity to plan some upcoming warm weather projects.

One of these projects will be to restore the wiring harness. Fortunately my MGB GT harness is in really great shape. I have heard many stories of MG restorations where the wiring harness is a rats nest due to decades of previous owners hacking away at them. Many times they are being replaced completely at great expense and time.

My harness is clean and unmolested, the only problem being that the old cloth cover has completely deteriorated in most areas. Some folks use electrical tape to restore the harnesses but this tends to leave goo all over as it heats up and moves around. I’m hedging my bet on the harness tape that Moss Motors sells.  While not 100% original it should look just fine.

My 1967 MGB GT is not a concours restoration in progress, more of an updated and cool driver that should be better than the original. I’m sure the harness tape will work well.

MGB GT ratty looking wiring
MGB GT ratty looking wiring
MGB GT ratty looking wiring
MGB GT ratty looking wiring


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