Red neck 1972 MGB GT project


I would have expected this ugly red-neck MGB GT project to be located in Arkansas or some other southern state but it’s located near Portland, Oregon. Perhaps I should buy it as I’m within a few hours drive.

What does it have going for it? It does have a V6 conversion and is a 4×4, perfect for tearing up the desert and destroying our beautiful earth. Added options include a luggage rack and driving lamps. A sale is pending however so some lucky dude or desert chic likely beat me to the purchase.

The seller has 3 other projects on the go, what a scary thought!

UPDATE Pending Sale on 2/17/20
Update. No longer has safari rack and cross bars.
Gambler 500
1972 MGB GT 4×4 Project
5 speed
Needs finished. Not currently running.
Could be great but have three other projects ahead of this one and it is just sitting for now.
Could use the extra space.

Asking 2500

Redneck 1972 MGB GT 4x4
Redneck 1972 MGB GT 4×4
Redneck 1972 MGB GT interior
Redneck 1972 MGB GT interior
Redneck 1972 MGB GT V6
Redneck 1972 MGB GT V6
Red-neck 1972 MGB GT
Red-neck 1972 MGB GT


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