This is sweet. While not original in many ways this nicely done restoration has produced a Lotus Elan that is superior to what Colin Chapman produced at the time. I want this car!!!!

Anyway, if you have a craving for an absolutely beautiful Lotus head over to Bring a Trailer and bid on this classic. It will be interesting to see what it sells for.

Lotus Elan for sale
Lotus Elan for sale
Lotus Elan interior
Lotus Elan interior


  1. $35,000 and reserve not met for that Elan. You could get one hell of a nice early SE or LE Miata for that and have enough left to buy a new Prius.

  2. My father never complained about the GT when he was driving it from Pasadena to the Palomar Observatory for work although I know he loved to drive fast, maybe that makes a difference!

    Yes, BC is a little cooler although we complain when it’s too cold like now and when it’s too warm during the summer. Canadians love to complain! It gets to about 90 degrees here during the summer, a little cooler than what I remember about growing up in Pasadena.

    I would like a Europa some day but I’m thinking that a convertible needs to be the next car. My wife just wishes all these old cars would just go away. Yes, Elan prices have gone a bit crazy. Not as bad as Porches but just wait a few years, All the Lotus cars are a real deal right now.

  3. At least Europas are still affordable. Elans are barely affordable. I don’t know for a fact that Europas are ovens for the occupants in warm climates. I know MGB GTs are! I bet a Europa in BC would be comfortable in summer, as would a B GT.

  4. Hey Don,

    You are right about Miatas. Likely a better car, far easier to maintain and certainly a heck of a lot safer. I still want a Lotus however stupid it would be! Have since I was a kid and saw my first Europa at Riverside Raceway. Someday, maybe.

  5. Pretty to look at, great fun to drive, and a big chore to keep it running. I don’t know about the third quality, but that is what I have heard. If I were looking for something like an Elan, I would find a primo ’91 Miata SE. Miatas may be mundane and commonplace, but they don’t ask for much either.


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