Rewiring the 1967 MGB GT


Occasionally you wonder whether a job should have been tackled in another way. Rewiring my 1967 MGB GT is one of those jobs. Wiring harnesses with upgraded fuses and relays are available from a number of vendors that would make the job easy. But that’s not my style.

Rewiring the MGB GT
Rewiring the MGB GT

I went ahead and started pulling wires in a “I hope” logical manner. This was working with one circuit at a time and then moving on once the circuit was completed. Of course it’s always a little more difficult than that but you get the idea.

The big downside of rewiring in this method is the lack of wire colours available locally. I know many drivers go through a company like British Wiring to buy the correct colours but I decided to work with what I have and label the circuits well. A big advantage of not using a pre-made wiring harness is that I could design my own system and it also gave me the opportunity to use a larger wire gauge. Most MG’s use 18 Gauge and 16 Gauge where I have used 14 Gauge for the bulk of the wiring.

New light and horn wiring MGB GT
New light and horn wiring on the MGB GT

At this point the engine compartment looks like a rats nest of colourful wires. Every circuit on the car works however so at least I don’t need to trace any problems. I’ll start wrapping the harness soon. Some day it will look respectable again.

If I were to do this job again I would have done all the rewiring before installing the engine. At least I’ve learned something for next time.

MGB GT rats nest wiring
MGB GT rats nest wiring




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