It’s very strange that my MGB GT spent about 8 years in my barn with the windows cracked a little for ventilation and the battery tray off so I could access the battery compartments easily and… nothing bothered to move in. Every 6 months or so I would peel back the car cover expecting to find a happy family of mice or even worse, maybe rats setting up camp. Nothing, not even ants or flies seemed to like the smell on the old MG.

Look what just happened! The MG smells good after a cleaning and everything is enjoying the new freshness. I left the battery compartment off a few nights ago and some critter decides to move into my MG food truck and have dinner. Almost looks like the leftovers from one of my local squirrels. Fortunately he didn’t eat my new to me Mazda Miata seats for dessert. Time to pay more attention to closing the GT up.

MGB GT critter dinner
MGB GT critter dinner



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