We have a huge collection of glass Christmas ornaments that we put on our tree every year. As part of our family tradition I give my wife one or two glass ornaments a year and she does the same for me. We have been married for almost 30 years so do the math…. lots of glass ornaments. Many of these glass ornaments that I’ve received are car related, beer related and just plain cool.

It’s very annoying that stores like Walmart and Home Depot start selling Christmas crap in October but that’s another rant completely. I’m presently in Seattle and since December is here I’m beginning to get in decorating mode, it’s OK now.

Anyway, a few awesome glass Christmas ornaments that are for sale at a local shop. No MGB ornaments yet, I’ll keep looking.

Airstream trailer Christmas ornament
Airstream trailer Christmas ornament
VW Van Christmas ornament
VW Van carrying a Christmas tree glass Christmas ornament
Beer keg Christmas ornament
Beer keg Christmas ornament. These go well with car ornaments.


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