Successful wrenching days!


I have always wondered what exactly would make for a successful wrenching day on one of my sports cars. Certainly finishing a job is high up on the list as something is done, hopefully at least for the rest of my life. On some parts of a restoration, managing to remove perhaps the front suspension could be called a successful day. Maybe painting a few parts would qualify. The list goes on and on.

Not successful days are easier to define. Normally those are the days that all the planned projects don’t get finished. These happen too often but that shouldn’t be unexpected when playing with 50 year old piles of rust held together by paint and grease.

Regardless of what success is, there is one factor that seems to define most days wrenching and that is a little swearing and… are you ready for this? Blood! Yeah, good old blood. My wife is threatening to buy grey sheets as every time I go to sleep I leave blood somewhere in the bed.

Yesterday was a successful wrenching day as I finished repairing some fibreglass damage on my Lotus Europa. When I stood back to admire my work once again the blood factor came in. At least it’s not on my sheets!

Lotus Europa blood
Lotus Europa blood



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