The war on terror deer has hit an all time high at my country house. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that we have lots of deer, bears, elk and the occasional cougar (Puma concolor for clarification purposes!) at the property but I also like my young fruit trees. Cherry trees especially seem to be deer delicacies, not the fruit but the leaves and branches. Here’s one of our friendly friends.

War on deer
War on deer

During the spring the deer hang out down at the barn and keep an eye on my MGB GT when I’m away. That’s really nice of them but I still don’t like them eating my new trees. I have tried wire cages for years but they have quickly learned that if you jump on wire it bends down. Smart animals!

I just finished building these spiffy cedar cages, they both look good and should work well… if the deer don’t learn how to put their front feet on the top bar and lean over.

Deer fence around fruit trees
Deer fence around fruit trees


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