There’s an MGB in my barn and I can’t see it


It’s not supposed to snow very much where I live but with global warming and Russian manipulation the climate seems to be changing… for the worse. It sure isn’t warmer and my MGB GT is locked away in the barn perhaps never to be seen again. There is an MGB GT out there somewhere! Will this qualify as a real barnfind in the spring?

One thing I do know, this white stuff while very pretty is slowing down my restoration. It’s too cold to strip paint, too cold to paint what’s already stripped. It’s just to damn cold to do anything accept stay inside and write stupid posts on my blogs.

Time to fetch some firewood.

MGB in the barn
MGB in the barn


  1. You’re right, a few Dos Equis could be good. Or perhaps a magarita.

    Canada has issues but certainly not like the US right now. All our friends up here are very happy to be Canadian. We even attempt to not talk about what’s happening down south. All the best.

  2. How about drinking a few bottles of Dos Equis to help you feel the warmth of Mexico? Then you will be able to tackle working on the MGB.
    It may be cold in Canada, but at least you don’t have to face a crazy fascist set to lead your country into oblivion.


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