There is one job to be done on my MGB GT today and that is to turn the engine over until I have oil pressure. When I built the engine I packed the oil pump with petroleum jelly to help with priming but my guess is that by now after rotating the engine many times setting valve lash that much of that has been pumped through.

Time for MGB GT oil pressure
Time for MGB GT oil pressure

I’m prefilling the oil cooler as well as possible, trying to purge the oil cooler lines and then will fill the sump. It all sounds very easy and in theory should be. To allow the starter to work as easily as possible the spark plugs will be removed, I’ll squirt some oil into the cylinders and I’ll remove the fan belt. There’s no sense in rotating more than is required and creating compression in the engine at this point.

I really have no idea how long it should take to show pressure. It sounds like 5 or 6 cranks of the starter for about 10 second bursts should give results. I’ll let you know… hopefully. If all goes well tomorrow may be stating engine day.


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