Vivitar Super 8 Camera sexist ad


This fine ad for a Vivitar Super 8 (remember those days?) movie camera must be one of the most sexist of the era. Well, maybe not but it sure is bad. The left side of the ad tells us about the amazing new features of the awesome Vivitar Super 8 state of the art rad movie camera. Three speeds, electronic circuitry, Vivitar camera models (without girl) starting from $69.50. What isn’t there to like?

At least at the very top of the ad they tell us that the model is not for sale, apparently for demonstration purposes only. Too bad! Our model does have a control center, very good. She’s has 0.2% flutter, 98.6% wow, not bad stats if you ask me. What  happened to the remaining 1.2% however?

But there’s more:

  • her bikini is completely removeable,
  • she’s not available with a mustache (very fortunate!),
  • her pinch marks will not show,
  • her breasts are parallax corrected at 900mm and extend to 975mm, accepts D cup accessories,
  • warning signal in eye indicates overexposure and…
  • you can’t push her belly button WTF.

You get the idea. Is this bad or what?

Vivitar Super 8 camera
Vivitar Super 8 camera

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