As the new year comes to an end I thought it would be interesting to have an idea about what I spent on my 1967 MGB GT restoration this year. I’ve been trying to ignore the actual cost of doing a restoration but here we go. These are reasonable accurate but some items may be missing. I’ll fill them in later.

Those that have followed the blog for a while recall that I had the MG running beautifully only to have an engine issue the day I insured the car. Bummer. With the engine issue came even more issues as the more I looked at the car the more work I realized I needed to do. The project went front being a simple get the car running job to pretty much a full rolling restoration. I’m in some ways very happy about this because I will end up with a far better and safer car when I’m done. I’m sure many of you have the same story.

I think I’m almost finished spending money as I have most of the required parts. That however could change as the more work I do the more I realize that additional parts are needed. Is there an end to the madness?

British Parts Northwest:

  • August 21   $459.26
  • October 15   $222.31
  • November 25   $161.94

Moss Motors:

  • February 6   $219.02
  • April 9   $138.69
  • September 2   $161.42
  • December 20   $23.02

Used 18V engine  $225

Machining   $240

Media Blasting cabinet and accessories   $275

Miscellaneous tools   $300

Paint   $100

What’s the total at this point? Somewhere around $2,525 with perhaps $400 of smaller items that I haven’t listed. That sounds like $3,000! Yikes, I told my wife Cherie that the MGB GT would only cost about $1,000 to get running. I was originally correct on that but then the engine issues and…

It will be a beautiful car when it’s back on the road. The scary part of all of this is that I could easily spend another $2,000 and still not have a completely finished restoration… and this for car that’s worth perhaps $6,000.

1967 MGB GT restoration
1967 MGB GT restoration
MGB parts everywhere
MGB parts everywhere





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