What does your MGB want for Christmas?


Christmas came early for my MGB GT. Yeah, I know it’s not overly exciting but my MGB needed a new fuel tank and camshaft. Merry Christmas MGB, your wishes have been granted. A few other stocking gifts for you as well!

I’ve been buying from two different suppliers for the past couple years, British Parts Northwest and Moss Motors. Money has been spent, suppliers have responded.

I just got down to Seattle and waiting for my 1967 MGB GT were two lovely packages from the folks at British Parts Northwest. Have you heard of these folks? If not check them out. Very good prices and the odd sweet thrown in to make us come back for more.

Presents for the MGB GT
Presents for the MGB GT

British Parts Northwest doesn’t carry the selection that Moss has but they have very good prices on what they do carry and are a class act. Great service and the odd bit of sugar fix to get you addicted, what’s not to love? I support both BPNW and Moss and I’m not paid to say this. Did I mention to check them out?

Moss Motors is a fantastic source for almost everything you might require for your British car and they stand behind what they sell. You need that weird metal piece that no one else has, Moss might. Without them many small parts would be just unobtainable. Good for them! A Moss Motors package full of little pieces and gaskets arrives in a few days. Christmas time once again!

Some sweets from British Parts Northwest
Some sweets from British Parts Northwest

What is your MGB getting for Christmas?


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