What I want for Christmas… for my MGB GT


    Christmas time is right around the corner and in reality I don’t need anything. Generally we have a rule in the household that if you can’t eat it or drink it we don’t want it. This means we get many of our favourite treats during the month. High on the list is beer and wine, one of the 3 main food groups. Lots of hot sauce also makes an appearance as I’m somewhat addicted to hot food. Maybe a little coffee, shortbread cookies, you get the idea.

    What does my MGB GT want for Christmas. Well, I just bought it a pair of used Mazda Miata seats so that should be good. My labour modifying them and installing them is an added bonus.

    Luca ran this fog lamp and driving lamp ad many years ago. Maybe I should hint to my wife that she needs to buy the MG a present as well.

    Lucas Accessory Christmas ad
    Lucas Accessory Christmas ad


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