What used cars could you buy for the price of a new 1967 MGB GT?


I just stumbled across an old Road & Track from August 1967 which is when my 1967 MGB GT was for sale new. It was eventually purchased in January 1968. I recall that my father paid about $3,000 for the MG but unfortunately I haven’t been able to locate the original sales invoice. I know it’s around somewhere. This price does sound about right when I look at sales information on the internet.

So what could you buy used for about $3,000 in 1967? Let’s take a look.

There’s a 1953 Aston Martin DB2 convertible with a rebuilt engine and new paint for $2,500. A couple 1964 Cobras are available in our price range, one at $3,500 and another at $3,200. If you fancy a Ferrari how about a 250 GT convertible for $3,750. Allard, Lotus, Mercedes, it’s all there at about this price.

Was the 1967 MGB GT a good investment? I figure once I have it back together I might be able to get $10,000 at most but more realistically maybe $6,000. 1964 289 Cobras even in lousy shape are selling for $1,000,000 with clean examples going for much more. The Ferrari 250 GT convertible? Somewhere in the $850,000 range. Our Aston Martin DB2 is almost affordable at $250,000. The Mercedes 300S in the listings are also now in the $500,000 range.

It’s interesting that the 2 Allards and the Lotus cars are almost reasonable, the British cars just haven’t gone ballistic like so many others.

August 1967 used sports cars
August 1967 used sports cars


  1. J-tin has been given little respect as classic cars until recently. I think it will be the next old car market segment to see a lot of interest and high prices. Trade in the B GT for a 240Z!


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