The past month has been a slow one for working on my MGB GT. As is often the case, other jobs have taken over that are deemed to be “more important”. I suppose they are as I have started a makeover of my house, new hardwood floors, updated bathrooms and numerous other ongoing renovations. The poor MGB has been relegated to the barn for a few months where at least it can stay covered and out of the gloomy rain that is so common where I live.

I’m ordering a ton of small parts today, new seat belts, lots of rubber trim and whatever else seems to be needed at this point. I’ll post a list later for entertainment purposes.

I’ll be back to work on the GT when the weather is more “sunny”, most likely early April. In the meantime I’m planning on adding many new photos to this site, some restoration stories that I’ve been working on and lots of other strange old vintage ads, car racing stuff and whatever strikes me as being somewhat interesting.

Here’s the MGB GT before it’s barn hibernation, see you in the spring and keep running!

The MGB GT before its' winter hibernation. Looking good, at least from a distance.
The MGB GT before its’ winter hibernation. Looking good, at least from a distance.


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