Why am I restoring an MGB GT ashtray?


You gotta wonder what the planets are aligned like at this moment. I just pulled the ashtray out of my 1967 MGB GT cool ride and started to restore the stupid cancer causing piece of crap. Officially this was, being very British, a cigar ash holder or some other bullshit like that. In MG’s they are not cigarette lighters but… cigar lighters. Very proper.

Anyway, why should I clean up this stupid piece of metal rather than chucking it in the recycling bin? I’ll tell you why! Firstly, if I chuck the piece of junk it will leave a large hole in the carpeted area that would have to be filled in. Secondly, it’s a very cool place to keep the itsy bitsy MGB car key and spare change. As a bonus, when I’m in Washington or Oregon marijuana is legal, might need the “cigar ash disposal unit” some day!

A few hours of prep, polishing, painting. I’ll have the coolest cigar ash MGB holder on the block.

MGB GT 1967 Ash Tray
MGB GT 1967 Ash Tray


  1. Don, that would be the easy way. Maybe I should give in and order one as I have a few other pieces to order as well.

    I wouldn’t be able to rant as much though!

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