Why is everything better in France?


In my huge collection of vintage car ads that I like to browse through Triumph has had some of the most sexist ads of the bunch. Sure there’s this classic ad from BMW, and then if you search on this site you might find a few others (hint… searching is fun!). Triumph brought out one of my favourite lingerie based ads , the Spanish one being my favourite and also this ad for the TR7 that looks like it might have been shot in Spain as well. All these ads have one thing in common. The women have clothes on!

Now let’s go to France, Soyez dur, j’aime… I’ll let you translate that. Triumph Dolomite Sprint, 2 litres of chick magnet on the beach. WTF is going on here? Yeah, it is 1972 and we might be on acid but this guy is chasing down a nude French women in his Dolomite Sprint 2 litres une nouvelle génération de Triumph. What a mouthful that is, even for a Canadian!

I’ve been to France a number of times and well, they have a way. This kind of sums it up.

Nude Triumph Dolomite girl, what is going on!
Nude Triumph Dolomite girl, what is going on!


  1. Hi, do you know which magazine and the date that included the Dolomite advert with the naked lady on the beach ?
    Thanks, Richard


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