The MGB GT made it into the YOUR MOTHER WOULDN’T LIKE IT ads as well. Let’s move to Paris where the wine is good and the MGB GT looks great on the street.

I don’t know about you but after spending a little time in Paris myself there is absolutely no way that I would park any car of value anywhere near St Germain, In fact I would prefer not to park there at all. Maybe it wasn’t quite as bad in the early 70’s.

At any rate, back to the ad. We have a lovely MGB GT parked in front of the Hotel Taranne on St Germaine in Paris. Close to the Notre Dame Cathedral, fancy restaurants and the Seine River, what else could you ask for? Cool photography with the use of a slow shutter speed to blur the folks in the image but…. no beautiful women with perky breasts to be seen. This is a real departure from many of the other ads. I guess the Paris lot is sophisticated!

What’s really cool is that this place still exists see the lower photo. Can anyone with a MGB GT possibly swing by and recreate this cool photo? I did an ugly Photoshop job to park my MGB GT in front of the Hotel Taranne but it’s not the same as really being in the city of love, and I didn’t hit the folks in front of the car, honest.

Your Mother Wouldn't Like It - Hôtel Taranne Paris
Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It – Hôtel Taranne Paris

My 1967 MGB GT in Paris
My 1967 MGB GT in Paris


  1. Hi …i think that I stayed in Grand Hotel Taranne,,in 1981..I am reading my travel book…it was not a nice place at all..

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I think you are going to be really delighted! I did it for you! The proof with the picture….the hotel still does exist but it’s not called “Grand Hôtel Taranne” any more, but “Hôtel Au Manoir Saint-Germain des Prés”.


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