I’m taking my MGB carburetor apart again


I’m hoping to have my 1967 MGB GT running again within the week but as usual certain parts have other plans. I cleaned and rebuilt my carburetors in January 2018. That seems like a long time ago. Of course, nothing likes to sit so a minor rebuild is needed once again. It’s nothing serious but the 2 years of no lubrication have stiffened one of the dash pots up a little. I’m using the opportunity to also put in new needles, may as well at this point.

MGB GT carburetor
MGB GT carburetor

So here we have it. A pile of carburetor parts sitting on my table waiting for the first snowy day to arrive. And guess what, that day is today. Off to work I go.

Disassembled MGB Carburetor
Disassembled MGB Carburetor
Snow in MGB and Lotus land
Snow in MGB and Lotus land


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  1. I should try and locate one of the centering devices. When I first rebuilt them I found by rotating the needle I could get them centered reasonably well but of course I never tried to run them after that.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    SUs are supposed to be easy to repair, never need adjustment once set up. I would not say this is true, except that there aren’t small orifices that are subject to clogging.
    When you put in the jets, if you have one or can get one, use a jet centering device to get them in the right place. It’s a little object that really makes getting the carbs right easier. It’s in the SU tool kit that has some other small tools that are also helpful.


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