Some Day, You’ll Settle Down


Some day, you’ll settle down with a nice, sensible girl, a nice, sensible house and a nice, sensible family saloon.

I get a kick out of these “Some day” ads as they are definitely geared towards the MG buyer that is a young male with hormones having fun before getting tied down. Of course, many MGB’s were sold to that exact crowd so the ads definitely worked.

Here we are 40 years later (this ad is from 1975) and the young guys at the time are also now 40 years older. And guess what? They are buying MGB’s again. This time they are purchasing them to restore and drive for the same reason as 40 years ago although they do have the sensible girl and sensible house.

There is something fun about driving the old cars that you just don’t get in your new piece of crap car, good for them.

Some Day MG MGB ad 1975
Some Day MG MGB ad 1975


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